Monthly Archives: February 2015

PAX East – 22 days away!

We are about three weeks away from PAX East 2015, and more details about the event are starting to appear.  Here is a roundup of some news items:

  • Acquisitions Inc., the ongoing D&D campaign, is essentially confirmed to return to PAX East this year:

  • Lots of parties have been officially and unofficially announced.  An excellent listing of everything we know so far can be found in a dedicated party thread on the Penny Arcade forums.
  • Badges have started to arrive for a lucky few, so keep your eyes on the mail if you are expecting badges!
  • The PAX Pokemon League has started to announce its East gym leaders.
  • Looking for something fun to do while wandering around?  Looking to meet fellow PAX East-ers?  Check out the Assassins Ball.  It’s a community social game in which you play an assassin joining forces with one of five factions.

I’ll be posting as I see interesting stuff come through.  Get hyped…