Why Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s early server issues are good for all gamers

I saw a lot of people complaining on Twitter and Facebook today about how it’s terrible that Square Enix have so many server issues with the Early Access launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, causing emergency maintenance periods and low login limitations.  Gamers had to resort to “doing other things,” like “doing chores around the house,” “reading a book,” and even…”sleeping.”

Guys and gals – if you are a gamer and have ever followed the launch of a MMO, especially a MMORPG, you know that nothing goes smoothly during launch day (especially an Early Access launch day), or during launch week, or during launch month.  Hell, I’d argue that companies have a rough YEAR of fixing a MMO before it truly hits its stride.  This is Square Enix we are talking about…not some small, two-person shop running a MMO on a Commodore 64.  They are going to get things fixed – it will happen.

These server issues are actually quite good for gamers like me, because we are forced to do things that we normally wouldn’t do with a recently-released MMO.  Things like…sleeping normal hours.  Or socializing with others.  Or taking a walk.  There’s a reason why Nintendo constantly reminds you to take breaks after playing for extended periods of time…it’s not good for you to be slammin’ that Mountain Dew and Domino’s Pizza for 16-20 hours every day.

Yes, we did pay money for Early Access, and yes there shouldn’t be so many unscheduled maintenance periods.  But if you were able to play the game at all, even just for a few minutes, you were able to witness its beauty, its complexity, and its value.  Yeah, I had to suck it up and start another character on a JP server…but this was good because I got to try another race, class, birthday, starting city, hair style, hair color, tattoo style, etc.

These issues were a good thing.  In fact, if this happened to be something that was done on purpose or with some thought, I would say it’s one of the more brilliant things that could be done for our welfare.


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